Balancing, life..

It was complete chaos
Holding her bag in one hand
And her heart in the other
She was balancing her feet on.. life
with one shoe left behind..

It was complete chaos
But she danced her way through it, with all her elegance and all her strength
Strength she pulled from the experiences deep within her bag, throwing her heart away, shaking the other shoe off..
And she was on her way.

It wasn’t a complete chaos, after all..

A review: the origins of Rumi..

I just read a beautifully made comic by the brothers who are the founders of “Sufi Comics”.. It is called the origins of rumi. And me being the fanatic whom is inspired by Rumi himself, it was a great pleasure and satisfaction to see how Rumi “came to” his poetry and way of life in both words and images, comic.

Page after page, I couldn’t stop myself to do anything else. The pictures and the narrations of what and How he met Shams Tabrizi has always amazed me, and seeing it all come alive in pictures along with words made it so much easy and beautiful for the eyes to see how it all went down.

Now, this was Only the sneak peak, do I even have to say how much I long for the actual entire book?! Sheesh, I can’t keep myself in control. I want it now! I want more of Rumi now! I want more of the Sufi comics!

Never have I ever enjoyed learning and reading something as much as I’ve enjoyed reading the comics by the two brothers. It is a new way of learning, and it is amazingly beautiful.

I recommend everyone to keep their eyes on the site, they keep feeding my soul by each and every comic they make. Absolutely in awe.
I love.

A review; a one of a kind book..

A few days ago, I had the honor of being contacted by two brothers, writers. The book, comic, blew me away. I did not know what to expect other than knowing it would be an informative book, including Islamic sayings and principles..

The way the two brothers- May God bless their beautiful souls- intertwine the comic with lines from the Quran, alongside with sayings from those Perfect personalities brings you a whole other, new, dimension than the one you’re used to- just reading it.

To see the actual scenario come alive in beautifully made sketches and then read the meaning of it; that is the absolute way of learning. Because not only are you reading it, but you’re seeing it. It becomes more alive, vivid and more Real.

I honestly couldn’t let go of my clumsy iPad as I was reading this remarkable book preview of the two Vakil brothers called “40 Sufi Comics”.

Hands down, I would buy this Now just to keep it away for my kids in the future to read! I absolutely enjoyed it, thank you so much for these fine pages of love love love and love!